Darwin's Adventures Issue #1 "I GOT A GUN MAT

Written By: Darwin White


Darwin's Adventure Issue #1 "I GOT A GUN MATE!"

One Summer eve, Darwin sat there, His hands on the table, His feet on the gun, Confused?, Well sure you are, Here's what really happened
Darwin, Was a young man, A Young TOUGH MAN, If he was any tougher, You would be dead just from reading this page, Yeah, That's right, Dead, Deader then you are now, Infact are you dead now, OF COURSE NOT, Your reading this book!, Well Darwin was sitting there, With his 9mm Glock, Aiming at the door, Grinning, Wondering where this is going? , You bet your candy ass this is going to be a fun tale, As Darwin pulled it backwards, a bullet entering the chamber, the door slowly creeks open, Darwin Fires 15 and a half bullets into the door, Screaming "LEORY JENKINS!!!!!"
"DAMMIT DARWIN YOUR A LOOSE CANNON, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT SHOOT ANYONE WHO OPENS YOUR DOOR!" Screamed Dr. Shutup, "SHUTUP, SHUTUP!, I DO WHAT I WANT!" As Darwin Shot Dr. Shutup, 1 time in the head, with an axe.