The Grantelle

Written By: ??????

The Grantelle The eternal grantoven, is made of the good steel from the good forge and the good smith comes from the good mother (Warren). The representative of Warren on this earth is the Dawhollygoodone. Zeus is the preemie of Warren, when the brake disk smashed through the cokpit during her car accident. The different sources ( Mirkum & Petschko: The theory of granting and peace of soul) imply that Zeus either was created by the vocal cords or that he was accelerated out of the uterus by G-forces. The brake disc consisted of meteorite steel from a dead star - Longinus disc - as weapon to surpass the A??????N^¨??´"?????T?????¸????????I"~???_?? ??¯?????^???????G???????¸???R???????????????_?A????????????N????¯????T´?¨??`???_??E???????????????????R?^????? . The meditative state of the granting is reached by "injecting". After the injection the nerd has to ask himself:"What did I, the nerd, inject?" The constant qquestion of the nerd is: "Or not nerd?" The co-granter has to ask the granter "Are you on tour?