My Little Xeno Can't Be THIS Cute

Written By: Kim


"My little Xeno can't be THIS cute" Story written by Kim, I awoke to another day, alarm destorying my ears. I get up and put on the same pants as yesterday. and the same shirt from last week. I eat some stale bread my mom left out, and grab my Schoolbag. As i'm almost to the school i look down. and i come to a relization. I forgot my shoes. ... ... Ah well, i'll just steal some from the Johnson kid. As i enter school the same faces whiz on by. The creepy miner kid. The shitcurity always beating the clown for his space dosh and the Robotics expert using his RIPPEDly to break into the janitors area. As i enter the school room, i notice a new face. Or, well. Exoskeleton. Her teeth are sharp yet profound. The dark black coating of her Evolved Hunter Exoskeleton. Her sharp yet intoxicating claws. I just fell in love with some XenoScum. Right then. Based Centcom came roping from the windows and OBLITERATED the XenoScum. All hail Ian, Also fuck the police