Fire cultism

Written By: Donny Sommers

Hello! Welcome to this amazing advancement in religion. Firecultism matches the time of greytide and other types and walks of life. What is firecultism? Firecultism is a great religion. We worship the very concept of fire, because what else kept us warm back then, other than fire? Worship fire. Fire is the true god. Fire is good. How to practice firecultism: Get thermite, and burn everything you can see! Get a lighter (higher cult members should use zippo lighters or igniters) and burn anything or one in sight! We agree with all hard drugs, and all soft drugs. In fact, smoking your drugs is very much so encouraged. Also, dont set fire to yourself, unless you want to perform self sacrifice. Normal sacrifice , however is advised. Controversy: We kill any people who spread bad news about the church with fire. We reccomend you to do it yourself, and REMEMBER. PRAISE THE FIRE GOD. ALL HAIL FIRE.