Void War Timeline

Written By: Brenna Hawking

The Timeline of The Void War

November 2, 2347: Mulitple parts of the Federation (Now known as the UEG/Solgov) splits away, calling themselves rebels. An estimate of 6500 Federation vessels joins the revolters.

November 27, 2347: The first major battle, known as the Ceti Tragedy, was where the Federation was demolished by the rebels. Twenty percent of the Federation vessels were destroyed by the revolution's flagship.

December 6, 2347: The second major battle, Orion's Destruction, was set in the Orion belt. The Federation's defensive line was broken. But not before a experimental ship with data of the flagship escaped.

December 25, 2347: Multiple ceasefires happen, hails (Communications between ships) are exchanged between vessels, yet certain ships keep firing on Christmas Day.

January 24, 2348: The impossible happens, the experimental ship destroys the rebel flagship, shattering the rebel fleet's moral and sending the rebellion into chaos.

February 5, 2348: The rebellion splits into many different factions, one of which being Nanotrasen. The Void War ends with the Federation losing the most territory, sending them into a downward spiral, while the rebellion's ashes rise up.The short history of the Void War.