Cantrip Creation for Novice Mages

Written By: Acolyte Jack Carver

Cantrip Creation for Novice Mages Cantrips, or 'magic tricks', as they're colloquially known amongst the Federation, are a collection of minor spells and abilities that are common to newer practictioners. They typically either accomplish a minor task, or in many cases, nothing at all. However, they are extraordinarily easy to manifest - which makes them the tool of choice to initially begin to grasp magic. Additionally, Cantrips require no use of robes to manifest, making the more practical ones an excellent backup for even the most practiced mages. To manifest a Cantrip, one must have read the accompanying text. This is vital to do so, as the spell cannot be initially cast without the appropriate verbal and somatic (and possibly material) components. I say 'initially' because these components are only absolutely required when learning a spell. Even an Archmage must perform the spell with the required components on the first try. However, depending on the skill of the mage, they may take more 'full