Breeding SimonSet55

Written By: Dongle Mump (TheLastRolo)

SimonSet55 was only thirty years old. SimonSet55 loved KMC so much, SimonSet55 had all his commissioned artwork and NSFW Gifs. SimonSet55 prayed to KMC every night before he would go to bed, thanking for the life he'd been given. "KMC is love", he would say, "KMC is life". KTL heard him and called him a limey-loving cuntsicle. SimonSet55 knew KTL was just jealous for his devotion of KMC. SimonSet55 called him a Failmin who'd never make council. He demoted SimonSet55 and banned him to #memes. He was crying about his shitty rank watching the borderline yiff scroll by. A warmth moved towards SimonSet55. He felt something touch him. It's KMC. He was so happy. KMC whispered in his ear, "Nations this round".He grabbed SimonSet55 with his powerful tea-drinking hands and put him on his hands and knees. SimonSet55 spread his Firewall for KMC. He penetrated SimonSet55's ports. It hurt him so much, but he did it for KMC. He could feel his dreamseeker.exe tearing as his eyes started to water. He pushed against KMC's upload speed. He wanted to please KMC. KMC roared a mighty roar, as he filled SimonSet55's screen with his custom sprites, animations, and gamemodes. KTL logged in. KMC looked him straight in the eye, and said: "Yo your events suck and always fall through I'mma start my own server with star trek and hookers". KMC left through SimonSet55's browser window. KMC is love. KMC is life.Dongle Mump