Book: Psychology 103

Written By: Serah Fields

Psychology - Criminal Element
  • Chapter 1: Crime Triggers
  • Chapter 2: Crime Examination
  • Chapter 3: Crime Resolution

Chapter 1: Crime Triggers
Crime occurs when an individual takes it upon themselves to violate the laws set in place by the government. Most criminals usually suffer from a mental illness, however due to the high amount of criminals, there is little place for psychology in the Criminal Investigation Unit. Most criminals are curable thru psychological therapy. The issue however lies in that crime itself is not something that can be stopped, only managed. The psychological therapy will usually help prevent future criminal activity.
Chapter 2: Crime Examination
Every crime is a puzzle to be solved, a series of events that led up to the action, and a delicate timeline is created every time. Psychologists have a big role in crime investigation, because knowing what the criminal thinks like is a huge advantage over the criminal, and helps to resolve the issue which prevents future crime.
Chapter 3: Crime Resolution
Crime can be resolved thru consistent psychiatrist sessions with the criminals who display violent tendencies and by helping the prisoner regain a footing on reality. Psychology has a huge place in Criminal Investigation and should be included in the process wholeheartedly.
Serah Fields - Psychiatrist - [ NT ]