The Book of Mekhane

Written By: Lee Butter

Broken God Writ, which is to say the classic or old-school Church we know and love, does not follow any specific formatting guidelines, but the style is key. These are legends, or the transcriptions of legends, which are probably older than most human civilizations. The core goal here is a mythic tone, a tendency to cover vast sweeps of time and the kinds of writing you'd see in old legends and creation stories. These are records of the destruction of a god, and should treat their subject matter with the utmost gravitas. Classic church Writ is never straightforward: their subject matter is couched in deep metaphor and deliberate obfuscations.

Cogwork Orthodoxy Writ is like you stuck a notebook by Da Vinci or Brunel in a blender with a King James Bible. All Cogwork writ is taken from their massive Schema of the Patriarchs, and should be prefaced by an alphanumeric identification code hinting at the mind-numbing volume of written material the Orthodoxy produces. They are written in an archaic style with a