Snails are shit

Written By: Mordecai Mossfield


This is a book about snails and why they should be bullied and cracked open like you were french.

Snails are a disgusting gooey beings that only thrive in garbage and scum.

Snails only like syndicate agents and hate everything else.

Snails are unrobust as fuck and they do not know that the toolbox is the most robust weapon.

Snails smell like soap and poo.

Snails only eat goo and fingernails.

Snails do not have any music sense they only like freeform jazz.

Snails have shells that crack easily and spill their putrid guts out.

Snails dont like beating the clown.

Snails are afraid of the clown.

Snails like mimes.

Snails arent even snails they are just dumb lizards thinking they are snails.

Snails get beat and they kinda like it because theyre awful.

Snails are the bottoms of bottoms the subs of subs.

Snails arent even real what the fuck are they even doing.

Nanotrasen endorses genocide of snails.

Snails cause AIDS.

Snails have foot fetish, all of them.

Snails arent even real.

Snails like mimes more than clowns.

Snails are cyborg enthusiasts.

Snails are dumb.

Snails report everything.

End of part 1