Fred The Cactus God

Written By: Sam T. Brook

Fred the Cactus All which is many a bieng of inamginable power and the end of that is to Embrace or worship such a being would mean to embrace that which is the end off all things.

Fred the Cactus Rumored to of been Discovered by a Raving Lunatic who jumped worlds and stumbled upon a random catus inwhich he named it Fred unknow to him was the enity True and imagenal power but that did not for Fred is a Neutral being a Force of the universe to say that to nothing more than the End of all things

its not a bad thing to Worship Fred and theres is little to know reward for doing so but embraceing your Fate is the one true Step towards embraceing that Which is nothingnesss to Give you Butter(Soul) to Fred is the Greatest Sacrifice you can ever make