Print Job #763

Written By: John Bombsky

Everybody is guilty even when proven innocent.
Always arrest the corpse of a fallen foe, so that he may be pacified in death.
Never wash the stains of your enemies from your ancestral stun-club. They show the crew your trustworthiness and dedication.
When in doubt, whoever you may be dealing with is a traitor. Execute him.
If your weapon has a kill setting, use it. Only in death is a criminal truly stopped.
The clown is like a punching bag. He is meant to to be beaten without reason.
Context means nothing. An assistant breaking into EVA is treasonous scum, even if he is doing so to kill the malfunctioning AI.
Only through death is justice served.
Whenever you are detaining a prisoner in the brig, lock them in one of the lockers and weld it shut.
The security cameras are not to be used, except to watch ERPers.
Chemical implants must be filled with Poly Acid and activated once the prisoner on "parole" leaves the brig!
Forensic evidence is unnecessary. After all, no one is innocent.
Radio chatter is for