Study of Honkology

Written By: Dr. Janiel Manbeast

Chapter 1: Honkology as a Marxist ideologyUpon studying clowns, it is immediately evident how they are able to bring joy to any shift. However for what purpose do these clowns perform such comedic acts? I have discovered that in return for these acts of comedy clowns request nothing, simply a greater need for objects in which to project their comedy. From space lube to all access, clowns are able to weedle a gift from even the most capitalist employee. They deal in a nature of surplus humour in which they feel they must share with their fellow employees. This brief escape from the capitalist society we live in brings many crew to idolise their clowns, an act hih they do not want nor ask for.Chapter 2: Honkology as a religionClowns live in a liminal zone. A dark place between fun and anarchy. Very easily can a clown go from being an entertainer to a domestic terrorist. On many occasions in my study I have seen a clown arrested for pranks and the crew protest, riot and take up arms against the offending party. Whether this is the intended or correct response is relative to those who cause such acts. However it cannot be said that all clowns make this mistake. Many crew members long for the employed freedom a clown receives. The freedom to wander the workplace and make people laugh, all whilst being paid. However the debate on Honkology comes in the form of practices. Minor pain inducing laughs? Hilarious. Pies to the face will never get old, however firebombing the bar is calssed as terrorism as morbidly amusing as it is. It is up to a clown as a person to distinguish where to draw the line between humour and anarchy.Chapter 3: Honkology as a social constructHumour is a relative concept. What one may find funny another may be deeply offended by. However a clowns ability to make people laugh is entirely dependent on which strain of humour and what type of crew is available to them. Slapstick is often much funnier during times of ease, however within cases of peril, a funny and uplifting message over the radio can be much more effective. Firing a pie at an officer during a chase of a suspect is a crime, however hitting the suspect with a pie is seen as aiding the officer. Should it matter who the pie is for? The clown lives only for laughs.Chapter 4: Honkology as an Archaeological sub-studyTo this day evidence can be found on off world celestial bodies of the existence of clowns. Skeletons and tools in the shape of bananas are regularly found. So when did clowns originate? Are they as old as the ancient Egyptians who used magic for entertainment? Or are their origins an otherworldly presence? In my personal work I shall look into this, but as with many Honkological studies we shall not know for a long time.SummaryClowns and Honkology as a whole is an enigma. Much is relative to specific cells of clowns. Some operate in groups others as lone wolves. What we can know for certain is that they exist to make us laugh and for that we should be grateful. Each clown is unique and I fear many questions may not receive answers, until well after my time. However one thing will always ring true; Clowns and Honkology, will last forever.