History of plasmamen

Written By: Prometheum XCVII

Plasmamen (formal name 'Effigens', scientific name 'Ossius Pyrus') were only recently discovered by Nanotrasen explorers. They are primarily plasma-based creatures, lacking any significant internal anatomy. They breathe plasma gas in a way that appears similar to how humans breathe oxygen. They bear striking similarities to the human skeleton, which lends credence to the claim that there may be a common link between the races. Their clan-like colonies are fairly isolated, deep within the otherwise hazardous atmosphere of Gas Giants. Despite (Or perhaps due to) being a secluded species, they are quite inquisitive, and were eager to engage in a cultural exchange program with Nanotrasen. Personality-wise, they vary almost as much humans, although they tend towards being peaceful, ordered and non-aggressive. They are an industrious and scientific race, preferring to rely on technology rather than their form, especially in the "hazardous" environments that support human life.