Paramed 101

Written By: Rando Manning

Welcome to Rando Manning’s Ultimate guide to being a paramedic. There are a few things we’ll have to clear up before we begin the first thing to realize is that you are not a doctor. You don’t have pataeints you don’t take appointments and you probably won’t be performing surgery. You are essentially a taxi service for the injured dead and dying. It is your job to get them to the real doctors who have all the fancy equipment. If your fare is on the brink of death then you can heal them just enough so that they make it to medical.

Tools of the trade

If your more experienced in the medical field you can skip this section
The first things you’re going to need are a health Hud, a medical belt, your PDA, and a first aid kit
Equip the health Hud and belt. Wear a paramedic jacket so you can store your PDA in there and take everything out of the first aid kit and throw it into your belt except for the health scanner you don’t need that. Now open your PDA and look for the enable health scanner. This