Bowie Manifesto

Written By: Ginger Endsley


Aladdin Sane
The killer of Ziggy. Aladdin is a harder, nastier, gaudier man. He is a man of pure lust. Missionaries who loose the way will sometimes channel Aladdin. Aladdin is powered by cheap drugs. You must not lose control why under his influence, or you may be lost forever.

The Thin White Duke
This is the most dangeous of the personas, and the most powerful. Fulled only of Peppers, Milk,and Cocaine. This spirit has lost the glamor of the perevious spirits. A wouldbe romantic with no emotion who spouts neo-romance. "The return of the Thin White Duke, throwing darts in lover's eyes." This spirit wants control, and will stop at nothing to take it.

After the Thin White Duke, Bowie would move to Berlin and create the Berlin Trilogy. this is where he reached enlightenment, and sang about love, love that could not be stopped by a wall or bullets. Bowie throught the spirits reached total enlightenment.

Button Eyes
The Spirit of Death
The last spirit sang of the journy of Bowie with