Print Job #963

Written By: Elysa Strathelar

Ray bought an old potato chip factory but his business struggled. He could barely support his family, and the pressure was mounting.

"The banks had told us, ‘You’re bankrupt and don’t know it; sell your equipment and whatever you have because you have a negative net worth you’re in a terrible situation

My god was my business. That was a failure. I put all my heart,  my effort, energy, and everything else into providing a living and to make that business work but the harder I worked, the worse it got.

I started drinking. I stopped every night in the bar and drank. It was to relieve the pressure. I didn’t have the answer to make the business work. No matter what I did, it seemed to be wrong. So I stopped in the tavern and drank, drank, drank"

He continued to drink until one night when he stumbled into the house. Ray started vomiting blood. Ray was bringing up blood out of every open orifice of his body, while his wife watched in horror

Ray spent two weeks in the hospital and received sev