Scotland Forever: I

Written By: Shane Corn


One rainy day on the Traditional Flowers Outpost Alpha, a great hero has arrived, unbeknownst to him, he was about to enter chaos. upon leaving the arrivals shuttle, he heard screams coming from the corridor, his brave friend Meitnerium XV, was warning him. "SHANE, DON'T GO TO THE LOCKER ROOM".
So to the locker room he went. 

The sight that he came upon was truly something out of a horror movie, flying machines called viscerators, buzzing around and cutting limbs off of people, legs and arms everywhere, blood spraying on the walls and floor, bodies everywhere. Our brave hero decided to retreat to regroup. He knew what had to be done.

He called upon the power of SCOTLAND and a pod fell from the heavens containing a kilt, sandals, and a claymore. This is the moment he became superhuman, went straight into the heat of battle, slashing the evil machines with his claymore, they couldn't touch him, he was too fast. Oil and machine parts falling around him, he didnt know where he was, the power of scotland was flowing through him, all he knew was that the evil had to be eliminated. "SCOTLAND FOREVER" - he shouted, slashing another viscerator in half.

Then suddenly, the impossible happened, he got hit, pain got to him like a train, he almost fell down and stumbled, the machine buzzed closer towards him. BUT THEN HIS PLASMAMAN FRIEND MEITNERIUM XV, BURSTED IN THROUGH THE AIRLOCK WIELDING TOOLBOXES IN BOTH HIS HANDS, he started throwing the toolboxes at the flying machines, saving our brave hero from certain decapitation. They smiled at each other and they both knew what to do. One madman dualwielding toolboxes, one curator transformed with the power of scotland, they came back at the machines with full force.

Shane suddenly noticed the bodies on the floor, one plasmaman with no leg, and a human without any limbs at all, a human nugget, they were both covered in lacerations and blood from the machine attack. He had to think quick, he took out an epipen from the box and injected the plasmaman, he would live longer, then in one quick movement he took the body in his hand, carrying it like a fireman. Claymore in one of his hands, the plasmaman in his other, he grabbed the decapitated human with his [REDACTED] and started slowly making his way through the machine horde along with his toolbox wielding friend

After a tough fight and many many dead viscerators, the battle was over, the duo triumphed, Shane escorted both of the wounded to robotics where they got their limbs reattached, the plasmaman that is, the human was so wounded that his legs could not be recovered, he rides around in a wheelchair to this day.

As for our hero? He ran back to arrivals to swiftly finish off the rest of the robots, after the job was done, he took off his kilt and sheated his claymore, knowing it might perhaps see some use again...