Written By: Corrine Goodman

This tale is compiled on stardate 2020-11-22, to gather insight onto the inner workings of Maintanence, henceforth Maint, and its role on the nature of the Station as a whole.

Entry One: Upon the approval of the Captain of the Station, currently James Harrison, I have set off to explore the deep jungles of Maint.Entry Two: The crushing darkness of Maint certainly does give it an atmosphere of mystique. This, and the lack of individuals who travel through it, makes Maint a deadly place to brave alone.Entry Three: As it seems, one can find all sorts of strange oddities in the depths of Maint. Just today I have spoke with a talking mouce, I have identified what looks to be an abandoned cargo depot, and even a well kept planter room. Who knows what will lie yet further in its strange depths.Entry Four: Maint has a true bounty to behold! Countless quite rooms to study in, countless spare equipment to use, and not a single soul to bother me! Dispite the occasional roaming security officer these halls are absolutly empty- Once I had adjusted to the darkness and found a flashlight I am now perfectly fine in these dark halls. Perhaps the station will better exploit this untold land apon the publication of this book?Entry Five: Perhaps I was too quick to judge the beauties of Maint. There are blood stains here- some of them new. It is filled with danger and possable traps. I encountered a room filled with snakes. A door shocked me as I walked past. I must now conclude my field study to seek medical care. All writing past this point will be an investiagation into the role of Maint on the Station.Entry Six: I conclude my adventures the way they began: Sitting in my Library and contemplating what lies beond the main halls. What I know about Maint may have increased- but what I still need to learn has increased exponentialy. Perhaps I shall continue this adventure? Perhaps I shall leave the bounty and the horrors of Maint for the next curator to explore this station. What ever the case, the mysteries of Maint will be solved. Eventually.