Struggles Inspired

Written By: Venmir Pyres


The Struggles of Inspiration

Hello wonderous reader! This list of insprational quotes is to get one through an onset space pandemic. Now without further ado I shall present the mediocrity of one-liners:

Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R!  -Sidorovich

Never Simp for a clown  -Logic

Onion is space AIDS  -Captains

Life is but a gentle stroll through hell  -Me

Don't carry a nuke disk to a gun war  -ValidHunters

We live in a mime society and we are borgs -J.D Walker

The chef did it -J.Wheeler

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? -Punished Medborg

This Omega Weed ain't shit -Mentally Crippled

I'm NOT UnRobust -Robusted Ghost

Muh Bloodcult got Coggered -Yoggers

Choomist is making meth again -Robusticles

To leave my newly inspired readers with a focus on their newfound drive, I'd suggest aiming that ambition towards wacky chaos in our great station. Remember, avoid aiming your inspiration ICBM at the wrong department.

Signing Off!
Venmir Pyres