The Locker Mech

Written By: Mira Nova

The Locker Mech

The Locker Mech is a quick, makeshift, and notably space worthy machine that can be made by any capable assistant.
To build it, one must go to the robot tab in their crafting menu with a welding tool, wirecutters, and a screwdriver. With these materials placed onto the ground in your vicinity, you can create the locker mech:

20 cable coil, 10 metal, 2 toolbox, 1 oxygen tank, 1 airlock electronics, 1 fire extinguisher, 5 paper, 1 flashlight, 4 metal rod, 2 chairs (chairs must be tipped over, which is accomplished by dragging them to your sprite)

Additionally, a makeshift drill and clamp can be used to fill the locker mech's two available equipment slots.
The drill requires 5 cable coil, 2 metal, and 1 surgical drill.
The clamp requires 5 cable coil, 2 metal, and 1 pair of wirecutters.
Both pieces of equipment require a screwdriver to be built.
The locker mech has an integrity of 100 and these resistances: 20 melee, 10 bullet, 10 laser, 10 bomb. 20.000°K max temperature*.