Written By: Ian Quiche

The Letters
A is for AI - B is for Bartender - C is for Crew - D is for Doctor - E is for Easy to learn game - F is for Fuck this shit im out - G is for God damn the supermatter is going to blow! - H is for HONK! - I is for IAN IS MISSING - J is for Jesus has docked with the station - K is for Kill me and make me a hamburger - L is for LING! - M is for MOTHERFUCKER says tourettes guy - N is for NO I AM NOT AN ANTAG! - O is for OH MY GOD WIZARD! - P is for PLEASE DON'T BORG ME! Q is for Q%$&g76yHF$vH comms are down! - R is for THE REVS ARE KILLING CAPTAIN! - S is for OMG THE SPIDERS ARE EATING ME! - T is for TRAITOR! U is for U NEED TO STOP BREAKING THE RULES! - V is for A LEVEL 5 VIRUS HAS ESCAPED PLEASE STOP THE SPREAD! - W is for What the fuck why am I blind?! - X is for XENOMORPH QUEEN IS IN DANGER! - Y is for You are under arrest for treason! Z is for Its the end of this book and You are done reading this.