Cu Chulainn

Written By: Unknown

secured his agreement to fight one of her heroes each day, reckoning that this was better than losing one hundred every night to Cú Chulainn's sling.

Day after day Cú Chulainn fought Maeve's warriors, overcoming Morrigu, the water goddess, and mortally wounding the hero Loich. After more battles and deceitful trickery by Maeve, Cú Chulainn mounted his war chariot and attacked Maeve’s army. With most of her army defeated Maeve once again resorted to single combat. She finally forced Cú Chulainn's foster brother, Ferdia, to fight against him by threatening him with the spells of her Druids. After a great fight in which Ferdia almost proved a match for him, Cú Chulainn badly wounded, emerged as the tragic victor. While he recovered from his wounds, the men of Ulster began to collect themselves, and the two armies faced each other again. While this great battle was raging Maeve managed to steal the Brown Bull of Cooley, which she sent back to Connaught under escort. Eventually Cú Chulainn a