Mubbalus - RB2

Written By: Socioplana Convecta

God did create the w'rld. (F1) That gent did state; "ev'rything bef're is xbcar's doing. (G1) " at first god did create the thing which shalt not beest named, then that gent did create the thing which is not did allow. (H1) That gent did create the travelling lamp, and the son.  Aft'r that gent did create papacy. (I1) That gent did state; "you may useth mine own nameth f'r pow'r, f'r i shall not int'rvene." (J1) f'r that gent kneweth people wouldst tryeth to c'rrupt t, and that gent kneweth t wouldst prevail. (K1)