Mikus - RB6

Written By: Socioplana Convecta

The being hadst brown hair, brown eyes, tann'd skin, and wield'd a palmy sw'rd. (D1) That gent murd'r'd the crowd, security, and execution'rs; saving trev'r. (E1) And trev'r pond'red; "what art thee?" and the being responded; "i shalt beest hath called v'rkma naissru." (F1) at which what might not but has't been thousands of bright lights did surround this holy being, and the holy being dissipat'd. (G1) Trev'r while did confuse, did pray to god in which that gent hath said; "daddy, wherefore might not but this w'rld beest so cruel?" (H1) that gent did pray hard with his bloodi'd hands. (I1) And god respond'd backeth; "we may not alloweth thee to kicketh the bucket, f'r thee wilt executeth mine own shall so yond being mustn't.” (J1)