Lavaland Love Story

Written By: Maria Bloom

One day Fails was mining a lot, you could say a shit ton, she had many minor points. She was the only shaft miner because the others walked into lava and got eaten by a dragon. The grey lizard heard over comms "Maximillian Kappus has signed up as Quartermaster" so she rushed in to greet him.

Her scaly feet touched the rough lava rocks, but she didnt mind it since lizards come from tribal ashwalkers who are used to the hotness. The less than average sized grey (orange) lizardgirl also had to avoid cactuses since they stun for hours.

Eventually making it to the lavaland mining station, to her suprise the QM was already there and waiting "Sup" he opened his arms and she went up to him and they hugged.

Fails looked up into the afro mans eyes "Max.... I have to tell you sssomething...." she stuttered as if she was a red lizard and not an orange one

"Yes" he replied, oblivious to the seriousness of her hissess

"I have a bun in the oven"