Guide for cock

Written By: Michael Hunt

It was a dark day for Michael Hunt, as he was dragged along the cold, blood stained floor of the brig by none other than Ray Gibson, the station's less than competant Head Of Security. Michael was being taken to the labour camp, so that he could pay off his debt to society,even though all he had done was steal Lamarr from the RD's office. The RD, a young fellow by the name of Phil McRevis, had personally asked the HoS to send him on his way to the labour camp, because everyone knows that Phil McRevis is a condom. So, as he was dragged into the shuttle, Michael looked down at his cuffs and sighed "Fucking shitcurity". Ray heard this, and like the Head Of Shitcurity he was, switched on his stun baton and knocked Michael unconscious with it.When he came to, he saw Ray taking off his armoured trenchcoat, which was a very rare event in the history of NanoTrasen. Ray gave Michael the strangest grin and began to walk over to him, holding a spray bottle of what looked like space cleaner, but was actually chloral hydrate, he sprayed the contents into Michael's face, and he was instantly knocked out cold, again.Luckily, Michael had spent three years studying the robotic sciences in space college, and through many nights of drugs and alcohol, had become resistant to the effects of chloral hydrate. As a result, Michael woke up only thirty seconds later to find that Ray worked fast. He was screaming "50 points, 60 points, 69 points!" As he shouted the last number, which was coincidentally the amount of points Michael actually had to pay off, his whole body shook, and his voiced reached a climax of what must have been billions in decibels. Ray smiled again, the same smile he gave Michael a minute ago. He then began to walk away, putting on his trench coat as he left.When he had left the camp on the shuttle, not before giving Michael another strange look, a bearded prisoner approached Michael, who he recognised immediately as the Head Of Personnel, Bryan McCormac, who had mysteriously disappeared only three months ago. He spoke in a quiet, fearful whisper "You'd better get used to things like that, because now, you're in the Gaybour camp, and nobody ever leaves...Are you terrified of sucking d*ck? If you don't have one yourself, it can be quite confronting. Even if you're a guy and it's your first time getting one in your mouth, it can be daunting. It's not as if you've been able to suck your own!? Questions can fill your mind, 'Am I doing this right? Did I just use my teeth? What if it tastes gross?!' Well, fear no more You'll enjoy anything more if you’re in the mood - that's a given. But Jacqueline says that if you're doing a blowjob because you think you have to, then it's not going to be pleasurable for you OR them "If you're already turned on and you want c*ck, it's a completely different experience. The receiver of the blowjob always loves it when the partner is enjoying themselves," she told The Hook Up. If you're 'in your head' thinking about whether you're doing it right, there is no way you're relaxing, and you're probably not enjoying it. Then if you're not, they probably aren't either. Think of it as a blowjob domino effect of no pleasure. "You've gotta learn to relax", Jacqueline says. "Relax around your jaw, your throat, and your cheeks. It will also change the type of pleasure the other person receives. [If you're relaxed, your mouth is] soft, it's flexible and it moulds, and the tongue will work better."Isla even suggests putting some music on: "Blowjobs are really rhythmical," she says. "While you're bobbing your head, there's no reason why you can't be bobbing the rest of your body as well. It really engages you and grounds you, instead of you thinking 'am I doing this right? OMG, my jaw is starting to hurt!'" Isla suggests you could find yourself in a position where you're pleasuring yourself while pleasuring your partner. "This might be a pillow between your legs, pushing your body up against the person who's receiving the blowjob, or using your own hands to manually manipulate yourself," she says. (And by "manually manipulate", she pretty much means touch yourself *wink*)."There is so much more to be involved as well", says Isla. "Use your hands; you can reach up and stroke their chest, reach around to their bottom. There are other parts of people's anatomy you can enjoy, like balls or ass. It doesn't just have to be your mouth on penis."Jacqueline also suggests using your hands on the shaft of the penis, so your mouth isn't doing ALL the work. If you've got other skills, use 'em ;) Of course, if you're not using a condom for your blowjob then you have STIs and HIV to consider. But if you've decided not to, then Jacqueline has this tip for you: "Make sure the penis is at the back of the tongue, because most of your taste buds are at the front of your tongue. That way it goes straight down into the digestive tract that is very tough on germs." Further, avoid brushing your teeth beforehand as that can expose the gums or cause bleeding, which can increase the chance of HIV transmission if they cum in your mouth. If you're unsure of your partner's HIV status, it's probably best to avoid someone cumming in your mouth at all, especially if you have cuts or ulcers in your mouth or throat. These are hotspots for HIV transmission. There are plenty of other places they can blow their load, so get creative! (This is particularly relevant for men who have sex with men).