Mr Bean, Bean god

Written By: Tony McKay


God of Beans

As I boareded Star-Spangled Installation 97, I knew I had to find artifacts into space. I was not just a curator of found things, I would be a curator of yet-to-be-found things!

After failing to convince the CMO to launch me into space with the mass driver in the chapel, I attempted to convince an engineer. The engineer was not convinced either, but then the power of a god, which I did not know the name of yet, quite literally yeeted me into the mass driver. Unfortunately, the mass driver 'yeeted' me right into arrivals.

With a netspeak laugh from the unnamed god, I was safely sent into my way into space. The gods granted me many gifts to find their hidden treasure! Jetpacks, even a speeder bike! I encountered many hard enemies in space. Turrets, pirates, to name a few.

But in a bunker in space, I found what the gods wanted me to find: The beans!
An ungodly amount of beans!
Beans everywhere!

The gods, clearly satisfied with my effort, granted me the gift of storage, to hold all of