Written By: Sarah Wakefield

Denn, a golden retriever / raccoon hybrid, looks through his refrigerator, trying to find something good to snack on.

“Hmm, nothing seems good right now” he says to himself. The hybrid starts to look through the fridges drawers, seeing an unopened container of yogurt. Denn grabs the container and walks to his bedroom.

Sitting on his bed are his friends Jax, a Fennec Fox, and Bennett, a skunk / wolf hybrid, playing some video games.

“Have i missed anything?” Denn asks as his gets hops on the bed already eating from the container of yogurt. “Nothing much, just that Jax wastes a lot of ammo” Jax gives Bennett an annoyed look. The 3 continue hanging out on the bed, watching each other play the game, all the while Denn eats the yogurt. After around hour later, the game is starting to get a little boring. Bennett goes on his phone while Jax still has his eyes glued to the TV. finishing the cup of yogurt awhile ago, Denn lays on the bed watching Jax play until he feels a sharp pain in his stomach. Th