Quick cargo guide

Written By: Sells-the-stuff

Welcome to the cargo guide, i will make this quick.
As a cargo techie your job is give what people asks for (except when they order expensive stuff or guns).
when you call the supply shuttle it will arrive in 1 minute with the things you asked for.
Every crate comes with a "Shipping manifest" if the contents are right just put the green stamp saying granted, if not put the red stamp.
Cargo gets credits when you
send empty crates back to centcom in the supply shuttle, they also pay you for small things like oxygen canisters but only do that if you really need those credits
sometimes a "Loan shuttle" option will appear, only press that button if you are willing to deal with weird stuff like bees or russians
Then you have the autolathe, you can make small stuff like tools, igniters and multitools in case someone asks for something simple.