Why The Long Face?

Written By: Henry Williams

a horse walks into a bar

seeing as horses do not know english and are not exposed to the overwhelming bombardment of lights and sounds and sights such as we on a daily basis, it panics. it whinnies, shits on the floor, stomps around, knocks over some tables and scares the patrons. the whole thing is just a mess.

so the animal control comes, and they put it down.

the barman calls them later out of sheer curiosity to ask what happened

"it's glue now. shipped off. gone."


so as he puts together a new sign with some glue and wood and paint and such, he thinks.

"is this all life is? one day you graze in the meadow, happy as can be, and then you're paste on a menu for a two bit bar, killed for the fear of an unknown you could never comprehend."

And as the last customer leaves, the lights finally go out.