Book: Sp. Killer (RPG)

Written By: Giovanni Marriman

Character Creation
Your character will have:
> A name
> A brief description of your character
> An item you have in your possession
> 5 blood tokens
Blood tokens can be anything, coins, jelly beans, marks on a piece of paper etc.

Premise You are one of the unlucky ones. You have been caught up in a legendary struggle with the Spess Killer (or otherwise). Band together with other strangers to escape, outwit and possibly even kill the Spess Killer. This game can be played with piece of paper each, a pencil and a d6.

How to play
Your character can be anyone. Unless the Spess Master (SM) specifically stipulates it during an action, your general fitness and body shape won’t limit you in any particular way.
The item in your possession can be virtually anything with the exception of the following:

> A working cell phone or other communication device.
> Large quantities of ammo. A loaded gun is fine, spare clips are against the spirit of the system.
> Items that immediately and completely resolve the situation.

Each character begins play with 5 blood tokens. These represent your wellbeing. As you are attacked and move through various challenges, you will lose blood tokens. When you take an action that risks bodily harm, such as attacking Shia with a melee weapon or attempting to leap through a glass window or being attacked yourself, roll a d6. If the number is greater than your current number of blood tokens, you lose one, which is discarded into the centre of the table. If you wish, you can expend a blood token to guarantee your success in whatever action.

Once you lose all five, you can no longer take actions that require a dice­roll and the next attack will be fatal, though can still attempt to flee to safety. If you die, the Spess Killer will absorb your body and gain your blood tokens. Of course, leaving him to his meal might afford the others the opportunity to escape...

The only goal is to survive and escape. The Spess Killer will hunt you as long as you remain in the vicinity. The item you have can possibly aid you in some way, though your SM will determine how helpful it is in a given situation. Good luck...
Based on the micro-rpg ACSLB