Book: Nanotrasen Sec 13

Written By: Driscoll Hooker

  • Follow Nanotrasen Rules and always listen to your superiors: the Head of Security, Captain, and, if you are in brig, the Warden. Resolve any questions by pushing f1 to talk to a Nanotrasen Representative if rules are violated or you don't understand something.
  • You are security: don't complain about idiots, don't use abusive language, don't slack off. Do your job and make sure to save the INNOCENTS. If anything is going on, put priority to saving lives or detaining/killing the harmful entity. Remember, you are SECURITY, not a thug.
  • Secure all security equipment. If it is in Brig, put it in a locker and LOCK the locker unless there is an emergency like a blob threat.
  • Always prepare to use ALL of your security items at any time. The items you should be familar with are a turned-on stunbaton, a flashbang, CUFFS AT ALL TIMES, a flash, pepperspray to down those assistants, and energy bolas to trap runaways. Keep a sec bowman headset and HUD glasses to not get stunned by flashes and take note of criminals. You can also assign criminals using your HUD glasses. NEVER keep your equipment out in your hands unless you need to use them because you may lose them. NEVER use harm-intent with a baton unless it is a non-human threat or a Syndicate affiliate.
  • Do not arrest unless they have a crime you CLEARLY can state from Space Law. I.e., assault, murder, theft, Syndicate affiliation, possession of dangerous weapons
  • If you don't have proof, be sure that the security alert is at least blue level and ask the person for a search if you find them suspicious, i.e., outside of their department. If they do not comply, detain them and search WITHOUT HARM.
  • If you cannot arrest a criminal and they get away, use a security console, set the criminal to arrest, and make sure Beepsky is working (shiftclick criminal scum). If they are caught and are not perma'd for severe crimes such as being a Syndicate affiliate, take them off from arrest and continue brigging procedures.
  • When in Brig, strip the prisoner of all items except for their jumpsuit over the locker inside brig. You must empty their pockets too. Search everything that can contain items for contraband.
  • Lock the locker, stun the criminal, remove cuffs, stun again for safety, and exit while closing the windoor. Buckle-cuffing is dickish. Don't be a dick, be SECURITY.
  • Assign the prisoners a time according to Space Law's punishments and add a minute for each minute they tried to escape you. If a Syndicate affiliate, ask the Head of Security, Captain, or Warden for permanent punishments like permabrigging or forced borging.
  • Know that you have 4 options when permabrigging: permabrig, isolation, insanity ward, or gulag. Each has a specific procedure. Follow them and ask for Captain's, Warden's, or Head of Security's permission if they are not compromised. Use your own discretion if alone and holding an obviously dangerous criminal. Ensure they have NOTHING to escape with if they are confirmed Syndicate affiliate or similarly dangerous and confirm that this is your superior's decision. You will be blamed for your actions if you do not report permabrigging to your superiors.
  • Secure your assigned area. You have an armband for the department you secure. If you don't know what to do when an emergency happens, ask your superiors. If you are alone, try to respond to the emergency with another officer as backup. If you are alone, be completely on alert. Remember, say who or what attacked you and your location if you get caught by the Syndicate or other enemies of Nanotrasen.
  • Know that evidence lockers are a thing. Put evidence there if contraband and get the detective to process it. Also, use the detective to further investigate crimes with a forensic scanner.
  • OPTIONALClonescan yourself. Everyone hates you so expect to die.
  • Lawyers are not security: they are legal advisors. Do not allow them security items unless they are implanted, clean of contraband, and it is an emergency.