Book: The Castle

Written By: John Jefferson

The Castle. A horror story by John Jefferson. Maddie is a jounalist thats trying to get a good scoop but cant find anything interesting. She thinks about the abondoned castle just outside town. She dicides that shes gonna go and explore it and make a story about it.... She enters the old castle thats dark and cold.There has been storys about ghosts and demons. But Maddie isent scared, she knows its fake. Or at least so she thinks.... She explores deeper and deeper. She finds the kitchen and a blood stained knife. The blood is steady warm.... She quickly leaves the room scared of the knife that somebody used minutes ago. She hears somebody go down the stairs She runs for her life shes so scared, She need to get out! She calls the police while running. She sees the police enter the building then get smashed by something.... And there the murder is. He got a black cape and blood stained hands. She quickly tryies to hide but dont succes. She got cought by that thing shes just so scared. Continued...