Written By: Professor M.C.

Syndicate Bioweapon Science (SYS) Addendum Article/1

The A.N.R.(Autophagocytosis Necrosis Romerol) Virus is an incredibly rare type of the already dangerous A.N. virus symptom, through careful testing and not so careful subordinates we have discovered that obtaining it is rather like magic or in this case the work of the Gods themselves, we had a Chaplin captured from nanotrasen perform a ritual and he talked with God who then...mutated the virus in a way that we thought was impossible!, the living dead themselves came to from seemingly scrapes and bruises that the A.N. symptom left upon it, and regenerated it away with vigor but as we sent a prisoner towards the subject it was clear that it was deadly towards non-infected, but this will not be the end of our work here.

End Addendum
Professor M.C.