Weed Kings

Written By: Leto Magnus

There once was a nice little house undeneath the hills, it was a cozy house right beside the mill.

with a fireplace with lots of wood, and a little kitchen with lots of food.

In this house lived a halfling named Odo, a youngun of 52.

Alonng with his uncle Hildo, who was way older than you.

A great wizard appeared before them, with a pipe to his mouth.

He said ' Sup n what's this WEED business all about?"

He looked with a glare of anger and mock.

then old ass Hildo took out his trusty Glock.

" Eat shit N
" said Hildo with a ciggarette in his mouth.

"Fuck this shit" said Odo, he took the weed and said "im out".

The night lit up in flames and bullets, as the two old men were about.

Little Odo lived his life, then died of a bad case of gout!