Maints Meth 2

Written By: Tyrone Evans

Next chemical you need is fluorosulfuric acid. There is no easy way of obtaining it. You will need to ask engineering or steal a smart metal foam grenade from engineering or EVA. After you get the grenade just disasemble it and get the acid.

Now that you got the acid and ephedrine you need 3 more chems.
Iodine can be obtained by crushing toner cartridge, photographs or pens. I recommend you to use pens since they are the easiest to obtain.
Hydrogen I have already explained how to obtain
Phosphorus is obtained by grinding matches, you will need a lot of them..

After you have all 5 chems in a equal ration in one container get a lighter. Hit the container 4 times with your lighter and pray that you get the temperature of 375K and don't explode. Alternativley you can just steal or ask the chemist to use the heater and do it safely, but wheres the fun in that?

Written by Tyrone Evans