The Man Who Faced The Danger

Written By: Chases-The-Tails.

The man who faced the danger.

Many lizardpeople are on the place known as “Tallok”. It’s a simple culture, little worries past the basic need to survive, and rarely some wild fauna, which posed a mild threat to those living there. However, it’s not that much of an issue when there’s many folks trained to deal with it. The younger ones being more physically fit means that they could both prove themselves as useful, while also being more capable of exhausting labor.

Usually they get their true, adult, names through this. Through working hard for their tribes. Hunters such as “Chases-The-Tails” got names by hunting, chasing the tails of wildlife as their name suggests. Others are farmers, getting themselves names such as “Tends-The-Cacti”. Once again the name says it all.

Tends was a mother. The mother of the one who this entire writing is about, the one known as “Faces-The-Danger”. The one who faced something which was a threat to the entire tribe. There were many dangers on the plane