Mediocrity Thrives

Written By: Isaac Addams

Someone once said that to be the best, you had to beat the best. That person is dead now, and so is every single person that listened to that advice over the time since those words were uttered. Do you know why? Because when you are the best, there will always be someone looking to beat you. You may rise to the top of your job, strike it rich in a space casino, or any other of the millions of ways to make a name for yourself, but in the end someone else is going to have their hands at your throat, hoping to take your position. When they succeed, you are cast out, chased away from your life of luxury and adventure and have to hide away on some god-forsaken asteroid for years, losing your arm in the process. When you do decide to return though, you will have learned a valuable lesson. The real power is in mediocrity.So you return from your hiding, a different person, with longer hair, and maybe a sick-ass ushanka, and you know not to repeat the same mistake again. You take the low jobs, the jobs that keep you under the radar, the jobs that have you licking the boots of every person above you, and you survive better than you ever did when you were living the life of luxury. Who has the target on their head, the low-level grunt at their desk, doing their thankless job, or the Captain, flaunting their power for all to see? Maybe you're the janitor, the bartender, a paramedic or psychiatrist, or maybe even just the curator, whoever you choose to be you know peace, and you know that when the cards do hit the table, and everyone else has fallen, you'll be the best of the only thing that matters, surviving.