Bands of the Galaxy

Written By: Unknown

The year is 3067, and the most ambitious concert in the galaxie, east of delta 9, is about to begin. For this concert is not only about epic beats, its a war for the universe. Bands battle each other to the death and the grand price, ruler of all that is known.

Revolution to the center of the galaxy is on.

Weapons of the galaxy outnumber such concerns as human lives and in more ways than one. Currently only 10 bands are actively supported by galactic powers. Each band controls as many as 300 worlds. However many of these worlds are still out of reach and some are not always in the grip of war.

Each side uses up to 2 band heroes, a small fraction of the Milky Way's entire population,

to escort their valuable core worlds through waves of enemies.

A band begins as a single kindling, a raw copy of a cosmic oven.

The free worlds that are bandified become