Church of the Infinite Abyss

Written By: Sam Burns

The Church of the Infinite Abyss

The Origin

In the beginning there existed only the vastness of Space. An inexplicable event occured - creating a conciousness that engulfed all of Space. The newly found sentience however, was in desperate need of a form. It was at that moment that the form of Space Carp was conceptualized and brought into existence.

The Carp - and his newly found awareness - determined that the whole of existence deserved conciousness as he now had. And so in his wisdom he began constructing the various lifeforms that inhabit the galaxy. Each new object or life he brought into existence diminished his own - for the Carp was everything. In the creation of a sentient being the Carp lent a portion of himself to them until such a time would arrive when his domain - space - would reclaim it.

Ultimately all that exists will return to the Migrant Carp.

His Creations

However, the Migrant Carp found that his creations and children were not all intended to live harmoniously - or in the same place. With this realization the Migrant Carp expanded the universe - relocating his children and creations throughout the whole of the universe.

Naturally, the Migrant Carp - as a loving father - wishes to visit his creations and children, so he disperses his conciousness into visages of himself and visits them upon all beings in the universe. While he could simply view from the sidelines the Carp is too fond of his children to leave them in disbelief and despair - so he travels in a semi-physical form through visages shaped after his true image.


  • All children of the Migrant Carp will join with him when their remains reach Space - as such it is expressly forbidden to desecrate, or allow desecration to occur, remains to such an extent that they cannot rejoin our father. Gibbing and Incineration is expressly forbidden.
  • All Acolytes shall exhaust every possible avenue to assist in rejoining corpses with the Infinite Abyss.
  • Receive the vessels of the great Carp with love and welcoming.
  • If a vessel of the Carp perishes you must rejoin it with the Infinite Abyss.
  • Bathe in the domain of our Father whenever possible.

    The words the Migrant Carp were interpreted by:

    Sam Burns