A Captain's Tale

Written By: Henry Hopper


         I never understood the meaning of the American Empire's anthem until that day. What struggles a nation must endure, even under the rain of their own rockets for independence.

         By the time the Lizards were within our own firing range, many of the men had refused to fire. Approaching us was an army of burnt flesh, none of whom were in fighting condition. I was extra dismayed by my own sympathies for the enemy. Surely the Queen's implants were designed to prevent such emotions. With great dismay, I gave the order to open fire.

         Flesh is a truly wonderous thing, tisn't it?

         The smell was the worst part of that wretched day. The second worst part was telling the families of the men that served for me that their children had killed themselves in despair of what they had done.

-Henry Hopper, Cpt.