Book: Goats Episode 1: Goat Hope

Written By: Jonathan Pike


Episode 1: Goat Hope

Deep in the dark lands on Goatiehiem, there lays a small village. This is village know as MAAAHHVile is home to great to goat, Bob. Bob, was not like his friends MAAAHrey and MAAAHble. For some reason, he felt as though he was different. Bob knew, he was destined for Greatness!

One stormy night, while the goats of the village lay sleeping in their homes, huddling away from the screaming winds, Bob snuck out. Sneaking past his the towns guardswomen, MAAAHgret, Bob went to the gate of his village. This was it. Bob did not know what was behind the Gates, and it made him scared to think about. Drawing in a deep breath, Bob pushed open the large wooden doors, and stepped out into the moonlight.

. . . To Be Continued . . .