Insane Roboticist 4

Written By: John WoodWhack


He had one last chance, one last hope. If it failed, his dreams were finished. He whent to the supply autolathe... there were materials. He quickly made a battery and ran to his spacepod but, as he got there, he felt reality shift. This is where his madness began. The hallucinations began, but not here. He finished putting the battery into his spacepod when he heard on the radio, "I'm watching you John." He climbed into his spacepod faster then he had ever gone before and promptly flew off. He flied little ways away when he came across a ship. Before he even got on, he could see what had happened on the bridge. A goat in purple with two goats in red, standing in front of the presumed captain. He went around to the back and entered the ship.