Round 40667

Written By: Henry Hopper


Twas a crappy round. Shadowlings, bloodsuckers, and various lings.  92+ players for some reason, all competent people in med are antag and doing more interesting stuff. The incompetents don't know basic CPR, and so casualties are surging. Me and a sec borg are the only people actually trying to save the station. As I go around whipping thralls, a sling gives me icy veins. I go crit from the cold, no biggie. As I warm up, I start suffocating from being in crit. No biggie, CPR will fix that. I proceed to suffocate in front of med as people walk around me not doing CPR. The only people that pay attention to me are the borg and a geneticist, who proceeds to try surgery to focus on my burn as I die.