Cantrip: Bonfire

Written By: Acolyte of the ten flames


Now this is just way more useless then going to get some tower cap logs but it works for magical practice.
Materials: 40 wooden planks, 4 candles. Some nice carpets
Its alout i know but it might be less im going from short memory of my wizarding times.

Place the planks so theres a candle in between so there should be a plank on each corner and a candle, west,south,north,east. (3x3) with nothing in the middle there the campfire will appear.
Remember this might not succede as its vague memories.
After you finished preparing the material components destroy all lights so only the flames of the candle light the room. Then your going to want to say: FIR'HRT'NWRM. If you succeded then well you now have a bonfire if not then either you said/done something wrong or im remembering wrong.