AB: The Truth

Written By: Vinny Matthews

"During the opening credits we see Red getting angry at this blue bird with a white stripe for playing soccer in his yard, so he slaps it. This is actually a reference to the 2014 World Cup; Germany vs. Argentina, the German team wears red and the Argentinan team wears blue and white stripes. These colours also fit to their flags and Red being Germany here will be brought up throughout the entire movie. Red, or Germany, takes out this blue bird, or Argentina, in a single strike, referencing the World Cup where Germany won the game with a score of 1-0. We also see that he is not fond of this mime, who is always too close to him. Mimes as we know are often a symbol of France, who is a neighbour of Germany. Why else would there be a mime here? There's no mime in the game. This could also be a reference to World War 2, in which Germany took over France very quickly." - Avid Historian, Hilbert Stenspines
I only started to think something was up once I saw the villian of the movie, King Mudbeard. Something about that beard, and the TNT behind him.And yes his name is actually King Mudbeard, trust me I looked it up right after seeing the movie. The pigs charm the locals and end up convincing everyone that they should be allowed to stay. Red seems to be the only one who's suspicious of the refugees -- I mean pigs. Pigs.Red even goes as far as saying "There's something not kosher about these pigs." But since everyone thinks Red is a racist conspiracy theorist, they ignore his warning.When they finally meet the legenedary hero, he turns out to be a deadbeat, self absorbed, has-been who's obsessed with his old life and his 13 trophies. He also has no regard for the environment around him, as he's seen pissing in the water. What a fitting symbol for America.Realizing Migthy Eagle isn't as helpful as they thought, Red and the gang head back home, only to find the place in ruins. It turns out Red was completely right, as the pigs end up stealing all of their eggs and destroying everyone's homes. This leads to the final climatic scene of the movie where the birds attack the pig fortress by flinging themselves from a giant slingshot, kind of like that indie smartphone game no one has ever heard of.Alright, here ya go Red...In this final scene there were some really interesting background details you might miss if you aren't looking closely. For example, this COEXIST bumper sticker which strangely has all religious symbolism removed except for a crecent moon. Huh."The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." The creators stated.