Utterances II

Written By: W. Rick

The Planet from Darkness

W. Rick

I felt strangely calm; dangling, feet up, from a jungle vine over a yawning chasm. The nearest settlement was more than fourty two miles away and I knew crying out would not attract the kind of helpful attention I desired; I had not much energy for screaming anyways.
Having attained an age advanced for the human form, I whimsically mused that attracting attention is a game for the young.
Though with nothing else to occupy the twilight hours, thoughts of life -- not the panicky cavelike tremors born at the base of the mind, clawing desperately for fresh air --, but the serene meditative calmness of one who considers his life well lived, colored my visions.
Brooding and melancholic in my early years, I wiled away the hours trying to unlock the hidden regions of my mind and I noticed a sort of strange seperation, a duality, within my own psyche.
It was as if I had awoken in the cockpit of a large starship. Decrepid machinery lay unmoving, the only light emanating from the fl