Mouse Story

Written By: Radar the Mouse

"It was a dark and stormy night, and all was quite through the tiny little mouse home. No one knew of the dangers that loomed in the darkness. She was a young mouse sleeping soundly and dreaming of cheese. She dreamed of many things, of houses built for her, little stoves and pans and pots.. Like the humans had, she dreamed but whenever she woke. All she had was a small little hole in the wall. But she had tried her hardest to make it homey. Tables made from bottle caps, chairs made from balls of lint, and most special of all was her hat made from a thimble. A silly little thing, she had no idea what it was used for but for her, it was the height of fashion. She'd pretend to go out on the town a queen of a small rat kingdom. It shined and glistened on her head and complimented her fur. A shiny silvery white, her eyes a soft tender red. Soon her dreaming ended and again she opened her eyes to the dim little light that streamed from the outside. The sounds of music and laughter streaming from and muffl