Mouse Story Two

Written By: Radar the Mouse

I have mapped the cupboards and drawers, tracked the least walked spots on the floor. Happy to be home, safe and warm, the shadows by their feet. The odd vanishing treat, quietly eating while they sleep. So here's where I'll be raising my kids, if I can find someone to start a family with. Till then, I'll dream of the day my odds and ends fit, I'll wake up, there'll be food on the stove. Forever and never want for more, rinds of parmesan, wine to water, night from dawn. Life gets short, our teeth grow long, mind me not, and I'll, mind my own, and my mind's, not one bite smaller or lesser than yours. Do I belong in right and wrong? Nature, I guess. One night, one flung light through this place, so I run for cover, over, under, left the rind out on the plate. Little heart racing and praying, something, keep me safe. I think it's on my face. Okay, one hungry day, is nothing come what may, but then winter came inside for three nights, left me grinding my teeth between my walls, an